Only Hearing and paying full attention at current situation are the different things.

So here’s the Tips to become a good Friend & colleague.

“ We have two ears and one mouth. So using them properly is necessary” as said by Richard Branson. He also referred one technique called “Active Listener “ which aims on getting to know the speaker over his/her words. And Active Listener also considers emotions and credence of conversation.

“Active Listening requires that the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond, being respectful and then remember what is being said.”According to author Stephen Covey’s observation  ‘most of the people do not listen to understand the things, they listen to react to speaker / points’.  But Active Listening helps you to realize the things. As “Good Listeners” are having some limits of getting things what speaker trying to explain to them.

Like all things Active listening can be achieved by regular practice if we follow the steps as follows….

  • Don’t Respond : Do not rush to react to speaker… first listen things completely.
  • Don’t Intrude : Don’t cut off speaker’s conversation although it is IMP. Wait till he/she completes. If you think that you will forget it later then make a list of it so it would be easier for you.
  • Energize speaker : During conversation be responsive with speaker means he/she understands that you are taking interest in them. If you are talking with team leader then examples are like How does this fits with your plan ? OR what are your other options ? etc.
  • Avoid Interruption :- pay full attention to what speaker is saying,avoid phone or other distractions.
  • Reconfirm with short sentence : After the discussion summaries the things by starting ‘U mean that…..’ or ‘I get to know that…’
  • Reply to speaker :  Use words “ok” or “that would be fine “ etc. without disturbing the speaker.
  • Don’t fill the blanks : It may be chances that speaker take pause while talking , So let speaker give his/her own  time to gather words to explain things.
  • Curiosity : both speaker and listener is responsible for getting things understand fully. So without disturbing the speaker ask many questions till you not understand it. While asking questions do show your extra Smartness.
  • Don’t be Emotional : Be a practical Listener , don’t  think Emotionally specially in professional matter.
  • Don’t Redoubt :  Rather than opposing to speaker, think about other side of coin by means think by speakers point of view also.
  • Active Listening Helps to :

If you are active listener then you will be good colleague / Friend.

Here are ways in which being an active listener can help overcome Intruders:

  • You can reach at root of the cause :-  If you are in a role which contains communication with multiple clients then good listening helps you to serve them better and solve their issues in time.
  • Helps to Stay Calm at work : You can be tension free at workplace by this method…

‘Listen, get the problem, Take problem-solving action, Thank and                      Explain what you have done’.

  • Can change atmosphere and build Trust: Many people join the organization straight out of college so they hesitate to directly talk about anything So by “ tea time session” or any other method we can let them speak and get more enthusiastic idea’s from them.  So we can develop bond between old and new members & increase trust with each other.
  • Develops good Relationships: Not only in professional manner but also in personal life good listeners build good relationships between partner, family and friends.


  • Body Language :

Body language also plays important role in active listening….

Here are some tips to achieve that …

  • Acknowledgement :  While listening to things tilt your head , it tends to know to the speaker that you are taking interest in what speaker is saying and you understands the things.
  • Eye contact: Don’t get distracted , Pay full attention to the speaker.
  • Nod:Keep Nodding in between conversation it shows acceptance and inspiration to the ideas being shared.
  • Turn: Look /Sit towards the speakers so it feels good to the speaker.
  • Be open: Avoid crossing keeping hands in your pocket, watching to watch consistently or crossing your arms etc. while listening.