Apple offers developer account with all the development tools for free however to upload apps to distribute via app store you have to pay a fees of $99 per year. This process can be little confusing sometimes. This article will guide you on how to create app developer account and pay$99 to upload your apps to app store.

(1) The first step is to create a free apple developer account here Fill in your details and then accept terms and conditions etc. which are standard and simple and need no explanation. With this account you can access all apple developer tools.

(2) After you login to the free account look in the central bottom of the page for text that says – Join the Apple Developer Program

[the area is marked with red rectangle in the below image]. After you click on this link click on Enroll.


(3) After you click on enroll you will be asked if you want to enroll as Individual or Company. Both provide the same benefit in terms of access the only primary difference between both the accounts is that in individual account you name will be displayed in frontend app store from where your cusomer download your app and for company accounts the company name will be displayed. However please not that apple asks for proper documentation of the company. You can know more about the docs required here ONce you have selected your preferred account type rest of the process is standard shopping cart process of filling in your personal details, adding your credit card etc.

These 3 step will take a total of 30-45 mins and then you will be on your way to uploading your app on apple store.