Facebook App Id and App Secret are the keys that you will need to enable Facebook Signup and Login in your business website and Mobile App. Let see below how we can create keys for  your website and mobile app.

  • Go to Facebook developers console https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and login with your facebook developer account(this will  be your regular facebook logins).
  • Click on Create a New App/Add new App button.
  • Enter Display Name and click on Create App ID.
  • Click on Products from left pane of the page and select Facebook Login and click on Set Up button.
  • Click on Web. Enter Site URL than click on Save.
  • Goto Settings -> Basic from left pane of the page,  Enter Site URL in App Domain,  your privacy policy URL in Privacy Policy URL and select Category of your website. Then click on Save Changes.
  • From the left pane, select Facebook Login -> Settings.
  • Under Client OAuth Settings section, Enter in Valid OAuth Redirect URIs and click on Save Changes button.
  • Change your app status from In Development to Live by clicking on OFF (sliding button) beside Status option of the top right corner. Then, click on Confirm button.
  • Go to Settings > Basic. Paste your App ID and App Secret provided by Facebook into the fields above.
  • Input email, public_profile as scope.
  • If you want to access the user_birthday, user_hometown, user_location of a Facebook user, you need to send your app for review to Facebook. For submitting an app for review, click here. After your app is reviewed, you can add the scopes you have sent for review in the scope above. If your app is not approved or is in the process of getting approved, let the scope be email, public_profile
    Click on the Save settings button.
  • Go to Social Login tab to configure the display as well as other login settings.