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We are not a company that is Jack Of All and Master Of None unlike Other Companies[and you can check this when reviewing your choices that most of companies work generically in all technologies] - We work only on few handpicked technologies and are Master of these technologies. Cordova is one of these. We have our own enterprise level products built on Cordova and have a dedicated team working only on this product for years. This has made our Cordova team one of the bests globally. So your choice is no brainer - Would you go to a generic vendor who does it all or an expert who is the master in your domain and on the top of that provides you delivery at lower cost?


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Hire the Best Cordova Dedicated Developer for Only $199 per Week

Yes you heard that right - our pricing is only $199 per Week for dedicated developer working fulltime 40 hours per week for you(this brings the pricing to less than $5/hr). However please note that we are not offering Cheap Development - This is value for money development. We can offer the best quality at these affordable prices as we have evolved outsourcing to RIGHTSOURCING - i.e matching the product to exact client requirement and giving Just In Time Delivery and avoiding any wastage.

How Does The Cordova Dedicated Developer Hiring Work

  • Select Team Member

    Based on your requirement a matching team member will be assigned. We'll sign NDA's and any other business documents that need to be signed. And Get Started.

  • Works Dedicatedly

    Developer works dedicatedly as your team member for you 8 hours a day - 40 hours as week on any task/project/work that you assign to him. He/She will absolutely not work on anything else.

  • Clear Communication

    Your team member has top notch experience not just programming but also will be good in communication as that is what they do everyday along with programming. If you are based in opposite timezone then the shift time of the developer will be changed to ensure that few hours of clent and team members time overlap for daily communication.

  • Transparent Reporting

    We use better reporting tool than even the industry giants. Developer will communicate with you everyday and send you a daily work done email report at the end of the day. You can also track developer work time using an automated tool desktime.com that captures developers work in realtime and stores the data.This gives you as client a completely unbaised and non alterable data.

  • Hire a Developer - Get a Team

    For each project we also can provide tech lead/project manager or QA on need basis on client request. This protects your project from any unforeseen technical or resource requirements that may delay it.

  • Work In Agile process

    Agile is proven success model of software development and the weekly billing model maps with agile process as work is planned and executed in weekly sprints. One Model Double benefits.

  • Pay Only For Work Done Guarantee

    You are billed at the end of each week after the work has been completed and can pay till the next wednesday. This gives you 5 days to review that weeks completed work(including weekends for those moonlighting entreprenuers) and get any error rectified if needed and then pay. If agreed work is not completed then u dont need to pay.

  • One Week Trail

    We put our money where our mouth is. Get started risk free with one week trial. If you dont like the work process and delivery at the end of first week then simply stop work and go your way - No Questions Asked.

Weekly Dedicated Developer Billing – The Best Model

Most of the clients think of going for Fixed Price model - Fixed Price model aligns with a proven failed model of software development the WATERFALL MODEL. This is the reason why a very good chunk of software projects fail today. Many people feels that fixed price model gives you security but this is halo - less than 3% of fixed price project go on to make money for their owners.And surprisingly these 3% successfull projects are generally highly upfront priced project. It is very rare that you get good product in low cost. The reason being a vendor may offer you a fixed price project upfront and may give you competive pricing however put yourself in the vendors shoes - how will you survive if you are spending more than you are earning - this leads to frequent scope arguments/issues, price escalations, work quality downgrading etc. End result is generally much higher price than initially quoted or bad quality product or limited functionality.

The weekly billing model maps with Agile Software development model where work is done in weekly sprints - This drastically reduces your time to market and gives you a working MVP much sooner than a fixed price model. Read more about benefits of shorter sprints in these articles by industry experts. https://const.fr/blog/agile/one-week-sprint/ https://agilepainrelief.com/notesfromatooluser/2013/07/choosing-sprint-length-shorter-trumps-longer.html#.XEwiU1wzbcc http://blogs.quovantis.com/benefits-of-choosing-shorter-sprints/

Another very strong advantage is that weekly sprints get the product owner i.e. you client to be by default be strongly engaged on the project and your team member is also strongly engaged in the project taking more ownership and responsibility of the project.

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Some of Our Client Testimonials.

I am really happy with the system so far. I really love the fact that I can customize the software and make design and features changes as and when I need.
Jennifer Franco
This was a dream come true for me. I got my software running for literally no cost and personal support from MRS team.
Jose Kandie

They bear with an old man like me and guide me a lot. very helpful support team.

Anthony Cebella


How can I have a cost control guarantee if I have limited budget.2019-05-09T05:51:53+00:00

We dont do fixed price projects however we understand that you may want to budget your project. For this we discuss your requirement with you and give you a GUESSTIMATE – A Guesstimate is a high level estimation of the project in number of weeks – you can take that a guesstimate may vary by about 20% more or less. This will help you budget your project.

I am enterprise and worried about security of my code and IP.2019-05-09T05:54:33+00:00

We sign NDA’s and any other legal paper work needed and the code ownership will all be 100% with the client. All our developers are also bound by our legal NDA’s + we follow srictly ISO 27001 standards.

What if Developer leaves or resigns or falls sick for long duration2019-05-09T05:55:47+00:00

This is our worry – We will put a replacement developer along your original developer and ensure complete knowledge transfer during their notice period so that once the original developer moves out your work continues without any hitches. You wont be charged for the learning curve period.

What if I am not happy with developer performance.2019-05-09T05:56:32+00:00

This is a rare case scenario but we have escalation matrix for this – if your concern is not resolved within 1 week of your escalation we’ll provide a replacement developer to continue work.

How old and stable is your company?2019-05-09T05:57:34+00:00

Please see the below About Spectra paragraph.

About Sspectra

Spectra Solutions team and CEO has been in Software Developmment and Outsourcing Industry for more than a decade. We have evolved our services to fine-tune OutSourcing to RIGHTSOURCING. What this means is that Outsourcing was basically function of moving out your non core business functions to external agencies, specially to low resource cost countries which would save you inhouse costs and help you focus more on your core business functions. In RIGHTSOURCING the core philosophy is based on this quote by Bruce Lee - I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Here Generic Outsourcing Vendors are the ones who - "practiced 10,000 kicks once" i.e. work is all and sundry technologies and domains and RIGHTSOURCING team is the - "the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times" We work only in few handpicked technologies and domains and practise that one kick 10,000 times. The Domains that we work in are - Food Ordering & Delivery Software, Mobile Commerce Apps, Web to Print Solutions, Airbnb Type Shared Economy Marketplaces, Wordpress. IN technologies we work on Yii, Ionic/Cordova and wordpress.

About Cordova

Cordova is an open-source hybrid development framework for mobile apps. It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript for build apps. Cordova is now known as “Apache Callback”as it has been moved to Apache Incubator. Building software for each technology -iPhone, Android and more–takes multiple frameworks & platfrom. Cordova solves this by using standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices. Since Cordova apps are standards compliant, they’re future-proofed to work with browsers as they evolve. Cordova has a very very strong open source community of supporters and is used by more than hundred thousand developers globally. Cordova is open of the rare softwares that has been downloaded billions of times and google play and apple stores have more than 100,000 apps built using downloaded Cordova. Cordova used to be know as Apache Cordova and this was the name under which it used to contribute to Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Due to this contribution Cordova moved to a top level project status in october 2012. Cordova has commited to be open source and free under the apache license forever and will always ensure open stewardship of the project. The creator and main contributor to Cordova framework was and is Nitobi. Adobe, Inc(provider of photoshop and PDF) acquired Cordova in October 2011. This has propelled Cordova to be the only enterprise level software that is provided by an enterprise giant but is open source and free. Acquisition by Adobe has made Cordova a more efficient development tool allowing the Cordova team to focus solely on Cordova projects and grow more across different mobile platfroms. Read about advantages of using Cordova for development here