Assets you will need to keep ready for your Online Food Ordering & Delivery System to make it ready for go live.

Server & Domain – You will need server. If you are only going to use website then a standard shared server should be fine but if you will setup the entire system with all mobile apps then minimum VPS hosting is suggested as you will need root access to configure all system requirement and ensure that mobile apps are able to easily communicate with website and database via REST api and ports needed for push notifications and other features are open and available. Recommended minimum VPS configuration is:-
-1 Core CPU
-512 mb RAM
-5 GB SSD hard driver space(do not go for regular 7200 RPM HDD -rotating drives, if you go for these then double the minimum hardware requirement or else speed willbe dratically affected)
– Internet Bandwidth quota and speed as per your requirement.

Our recommended VPS providers are:-

A2 Hosting  VPS plans for initial phase you can go with ENTRY plan costing $5/month which should be more than enough for your initial 3-6 months of launch and you can upgrade as the traffic to your site increases.

Interserver  For Interserver also you can go with their Starter plan costing $6/month.

Interserver provides more ram in their starter plan when compared to A2 but A2hosting is more reputed and known brand. In our exp. both are good and clients can take their call on which one they want to go for or provide your own VPS/server with the above specs.

If you go for interserver VPS then select below specs while buying the server:-

Platfrom – KVM
Location – as per your choice(any is fine)
Slices – 1 is enough for starting up you can scale later when needed.
Image – ubuntu
Version- 16 or 18

For server many clients ask about cpanel. From our end we do not need or use cpanels as we use command line interface to work on the server but if you as a client plan to manage your system and code in future by yourself then you an add cpanel to the server. But note that any provider will charge you extra monthly for providing cpanel or if you go for managed hosting.

Google maps Api key – We will need google maps api key you can create one by following this article Note that IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU VERIFY YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS BY ALLOWING GOOGLE TO MAKE A SMALL TRANSACTION CHARGE TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD. If this is not done then you get an inactive key. Another question frequently asked by clients is what is the monthly billing for the maps key – The answer to this is variable – Google provides $200 worth of billing for free each month and charges for usage above that based on your usage(the number of calls made to maps) and the number of call depends on your traffic and use – you can check google monthly billing plan here which is based on monthly usage for most of the client the $200 free tier is enough for the first year or so unless you have a huge spike in traffic. You can also use one more maps provider if you want. This is but they are not as big and as good as google.

A Google account – Your Google account will be needed for creating push notification and other app assets like json file.

Google Play Store – cost $25/one time – Google play developer account to publish the app on google play store. You can follow this article to create play store account

Note – It is suggested that you have a separate google account – different from your main gmail email address for the 3 services above i.e. google play store, google account for push/firebase and map api key(this can be one same account). Developers need to access these on regular basis so advisely not to keep any personal data in the accounts.

Apple developer account – Apple developer account is needed to create required certificates and other assets for the apple app and publish it to apple/ios app store. There is a per year $99 fees for this. You can follow this article here to create your apple developer account

Logos and other graphics assets for website – You would need your business logo and for the website you would need other images to upload to customize for your business.

App icons and splash screens for all 3 mobile apps – plz check the size of app icons and splash screens required for apps here.

An email account to set in the system from which all emails like status updates to customers, reciepts etc. will go from the system.