Project Description

Bookino is airbnb of event providers. Bookino is the number 1 events booking website in Yorkshire. They choose only the best suppliers in Yorkshire with the most competitive prices to be listed on Bookino, so clients can be sure that they will find the most reliable suppliers at the best possible price for their events.

Users can Search, compare and book their events instantly. All of the suppliers listed on Bookino have been checked and verified by them. Any event booked through Bookino is guaranteed, giving clients Bookino events protection all included in your booking price.

The best bit? They do not charge any booking fees! In fact, clients may even get a discount when booking through Bookino. Many suppliers offer packages and pricing which is exclusive to Bookino customers.

Manage event from start to finish through Bookino account. Chat to suppliers, manage your bookings and rate suppliers all in one place.