Indian market is getting flooded with new companies in Phonegap App Development Services by the day. One may find it difficult to choose and select a platform for the app development of their dreams. We have surveyed the complete market and we are happy that we have come up with a genuine list of some of the best Phonegap App Development Services companies in India that you can hire for Phonegap app development. We have given importance to user feedback so that the list can be genuinely generated.

Sspectra Solutions(ISO 9001:2015 certified) is the youngest but best Phonegap App Development Services company in India. Spectra  started with sole aim of providing entrepreneurs with a better option to outsourcing i.e. RIGHT SOURCING. Spectra provides enterprise level support teams at the cost of freelancer. Spectra calls themselves Superheroes of coding and deliver 40% faster then their competitors. Here are the reasons why they are the best:-

  • First and foremost is that Spectra is NOT a generic software development company and works across all technologies.  The first and foremost philosophy of RIGHT SOURCING IS that team and team members should work only in ONE technology and be super experts in that.  Spectra Phonegap developers do not work in any other technology other than phonegap for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Their focus  on quality. spectra’s focus on quality got them ISO 9001:2015 certified in very early stages.
  • Consistent Training/Upgrade/learning- As a rule each team member has to spend 20 mins daily on training and learning and we have one day each dedicated to only training and learning. Due to this our team members new stagnate in technology and keep abreast with the best.
  • All team members are handpicked while hiring – on a average spectra hire 1 team member after  evaluating at-least 100 applicants.
  • spectra provides the most cost effective dedicated phonegap app developers. And spectra gives an open challenge to any and all that of they can show an company with better value than spectra they will reimburse the entire project cost for the client. Spectra pricing for hiring dedicated phonegap app developers is only $199/per week and they also provide one week risk free trail to try their services.

2.Techpapa India

Founding Year 2017

Founding City Noida

Techpapa has been found to be a trusted companies in India when it comes to Phonegap App Development Services for businesses. The company has about 150 applications under its belt. The amazing part of this information is that the number of clients is just 100. So we can easily establish the understanding that their working ethics and strategies are very attractive because they have permanent clients.

The technological expertise of the company has been tested on many occasions and they have been found to be flawless. No users were ever able to evade the scrutiny mechanism put in place by the company.

The working procedure of the company starts with a simple user interface of the application and then it leads to building the protocols for the application. In the next phase, the process deals with the trial runs of the app and hunting down errors in the beta experience. The process ends with rectifying the errors found and then launching the final product. The company works in a punctual manner and can work with both android and iOS application development using Phonegap App Development methodologies. Their products are containing special features like ease of use, friendly interface, easy installation and initiation, portability, etc. 


3. FuGenX Technologies –

Founding Year 2008

Founding City Delhi

The company has been recognized as a very successful entity when it comes to Phonegap App Development Services  as well as other projects related to IT. Their specialty is in developing products that can be scalable in the future. The product can be a mobile application or a website or even any other project in the field of IT.

The company has 3 Deloitte awards under its belt because of its 100% efficient results. The company also holds the prestige of developing 750 applications on various mobile platforms in different genres. Apart from this, the company has successfully completed and launched 450 websites while providing technical support for the websites as well. More than 100 different IT projects have been completed under the banner of FuGenX Technologies which in itself is a big achievement.

The company works in three stages. The initial stage consists of communication with the clients so that their idea is totally absorbed. Next, a user-friendly UX and UI are designed and refined. The last stage consists of developing the product, testing it and eventually launching the product.

Mosync, Widgetpad, Phonegap, Rhomobile, Appcelerator, and many other tools are used by FugenX to up their game. Apart from this, the company also has a strong background in the development of applications for warehouse, insurance, government, real estate, online shopping, transportation, and automobile.

The success of the company can be assessed by the fact that they have completed about half a thousand applications for 400 clients.

4. Appslure –

Founding Year 2014

Founding City Delhi

The company is emerging as a good rival in the market for applications on iOS, Android platforms using Phonegap App Development Services. They specialize in bringing out the needs of their clients on to paper and then giving it an appreciated shape of an app that is both easy to use and easy to maintain. However, the company focuses more on the Android platform because of the fact that the international market is clearly ruled by the android platform with a 90% global outreach.

5. Xelium Technologies

Founding Year 2010

Founding City Delhi

Xelium Technologies is making its name in the fields of web development, custom software development, and mobile app development. The company is a specialist in application development for Phonegap App Development Services and also other cross-platform, hybrid platforms, iOS, and Android platforms.

In this era of technological evolution at an exponential pace, Xelium Technologies is still a place where you can get a solution to every digital problem you could face in the above fields.

Under its belt, the company has accomplishments of the following types of applications


Health and diagnostic

Social networking


Food delivery

Live tracking

Education and training

TV live-streaming

Hospitality and event management




The company makes use of the following technologies in order to get its projects done.






6. Peerbits

Founding Year 2010

Founding City Gujrat

Peerbits came into the limelight when it completed more than 100 responsive mobile applications in their Phonegap App Development Services. The company has a long list of areas that it has covered while making different mobile applications on various platforms. The list goes something like this.

Event handling









Food solution ATM

Applications for petrol filling at stations

Live tracking applications

Social networking applications on the iOS platform

The distinction that is held by this company is that many certifications have also been awarded to it. ISO Certificate, Clutch, NASSCOM Foundation and Good firms, all have endorsed their expertise. Having more than a hundred satisfied clients within such a short time is something quite remarkable.

7. Phoeniix –

Phoeniixx is another Indian company that has been making its mark in the field of mobile application development. It has successfully created and launched may applications on all mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Hybrid, and native platforms. From the past 5 years, the company is excelling in creating applications in their Phonegap App Development Services for the categories of real estate, healthcare, and education. The best thing about this company is that its services are quite affordable as compared with its rivals in the market.

The company has worked with some potential clients like Singapore Management University, Dainik Jagran, Shemaroo, Indiamart, Genpact, and Indian Oil, etc.

8. EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings has made to the list of featured by Clutch for tech companies in India working in the sector of Phonegap App Development Services. The company is able to make applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The last one is a distinction because not many companies can do that or offer that.

Due to the professionalism of the company, it has been recommended the most by clients for its affordability, punctuality, and quality.

The company specializes in successfully handling large projects and amazingly it has completed more than 300 such projects with utter professionalism and customer satisfaction in their Phonegap App Development Services.

Swing Alpha, Fab Hotels, Coverfox, Kajaria, Yatra, and Honeywell are some of its famous clients. Your business idea can be refined many times if you take it to EZ Rankings.

10. Techmagnate –

This is a company that offers the unique Phonegap App Development Services reputation management along with mobile application designs and application developments for various platforms. With a long time in the field of 11 years, the company is an expert in making applications for entertainment, traveling, finance, education, gaming, and many more. Its excellent plan for marketing and affordable prices for products has increased the number of downloads in a very short time. The marketing strategy also paid off with increased traffic on both mobile platforms.

The notable clients for techmagnate are Bajaj Finserv App, Trainman App, FReD, My Airtel, and Wynk Movies.

10. CSIPL –

The company is excelling every day by creating different applications in sectors like technology, real estate, healthcare, education, and business. With a Phonegap App Development Services team ready to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Phonegap, and HTML5, the company has the potential to make multiple marks. The team stays updated about any new advancement in their field and it makes them a suitable choice as compared to many others.