You would need Woocommerce REST api Consumer key and Secret key in many web application development work where you need to add/edit/delete your woocommerce site data in another place. Some basic areas are your mobile app or a POS system. Below we walk you through simple process to get this done.


Your wordpress permalinks should be turned on. For this go to Woocommerce >> Settings >> Permalinks.

First Turn on the REST api

To turn on the REST api you need to navigate to Woocommerce >> Settings >> API tab. Here put a checkmark on Enable REST API box.

Generate API keys

Woocommerce has a key system for controlling access. Each key is connected/associated to a user on your Woocommerce website.

You can easily manage/create keys for any user on your Woocommerce site, for this navigate to go to WooCommerce > Settings > API > Keys/Apps.


Here you need to click on Add Key:



After this you would need to associate the key with a user so choose the user from the dropdown. generally I would create key for admin user. A description will help you understand later for what purpose the key was created for so its a good idea to write the details in the description field. After this select the level of permission, you can give Read, Write or Read/Write both.

Hit the Generate API Key button. This will generate the API keys for the user you have selected.



On the woocommerce page now you will see 2 keys, a QRCode & a Revoke API Key button. These 2 keys will be your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.



Now you can use your consumer key and consumer secret in the application that uses woocommerce REST api. You will need to add your web URL also(in most cases) in the application.