Feeling of Friendship is in the heart of our team.Our Spectra team celebrated Friendship day with full energy , vigour and their creative ideas in the month of August.Team members prepared various hand made gifts at home and then gifted each other their handmade gifts which had lot of variety which included greeting cards, wrist bands, wallpaper, handmade chocolates etc.Unseen creativity was seen of all the team members, which gave them the channel to bring out there hidden creativity.All the gifts were like WOW, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS!! We enjoyed Yummy cake and music too.We also tied Friendship band of various colours which gave us the message that inspite we all are of different shades still we all are connected with each other with that one unique element which is Bond of Friendship .We played Games which were full of fun and laughters. We also welcomed new members to our team too.We forgot the barriers as Senior or Junior and all enjoyed as one Team.All in all it was a moment full of Cheerfulness, Joy and Happiness which created a Positive attitude in all the team members, which gave a way to create a more Friendly, healthy and Positive culture in to the organization and gave the team a new perspective to work with more positive mindset , openness and a sense of co operation along with our principles, values and Vision.We ended with a note by our CEO Intekhab that an Friendly environment beyond Politics, Conflicts in an Organization is always beneficial for everyone at Individual level and at organizational level and Growth of everyone is important in a team.

sandy wareIt is a handmade Wallpaper made by our Business Development Manager Sandhya Khedekar for Suvarna Ware our Senior Php Developer.It is an Beautiful pinkish wallpaper made up of ring, feathers and pearls.

sandy shubh

This is Red Colour greeting with Blooming flower inside it which gives awesome feeling when opened, made by our Php Developer Shubhangi for Sandhya.amol Aks

It is an greeting with Shuddha Marathi words which are heart touching  and made us emotional,it is  for Akshay from Amol our Php developer .


Handmade Greeting cards by our Php and Andriod Developer team.