What Is An App Icon – Android App icon, iOS App Icon?

An App icon is the first visual identification of your app. It is a square or round image that you click/tap on – on your android or ios phone to open the app. Most probably you will also be using app icon as your visual identity on android and ios stores also. Therefore it is high priority that you create a a good looking and impressive app icon that creates a good impression of your business.

Check the pic below – the red circled images in the below pic are all app icons.

What size should be my App Icon?

Ideally create a 1024 X 1024 size app icon which can be used on all mobile sizes. This size works for both Android and iOS. Also note that keep the size of the app icon less than 1-2 mbs so that your app package size does not become huge.

What is a Splash Screen?

Splash Screen is the 2nd graphical branding/impression of your app. This is the screen that opens when you tap the app icon to open the app. Splash screens are not mandatory in the app and it is suggested to keep a splash screen only if you can create a good image that talks about your business and creates a strong impression on the user. If you dont have a professional design create a splash screen for you then simply create a splash screen with a good rendering of your logo on a plain background.

What size should be Splash Screen for Android and iOS apps?

Below are the different size of splash screens for android and ios apps.

Android App splash screen size required to render splash screen on all android device sizes:-

xlarge (xhdpi): 960(width)px × 720(height)px
large (hdpi): 640(width)px × 480(height)px
medium (mdpi): 470(width)px × 320(height)px
small (ldpi): 426(width)px × 320(height)px

iOs App splash screen size required to render splash screen on all iOS device sizes:-

Default-568h@2x~iphone.png: 640(width)px x 1136(height)px
Default-Landscape@2x~ipad.png: 2048(width)px x 1496(height)px
Default-Landscape~ipad.png: 1024(width)px x 748(height)px
Default-Portrait@2x~ipad.png: 1536(width)px x 2008(height)px
Default-Portrait~ipad.png: 768(width)px x 1004(height)px
Default@2x~iphone.png: 640(width)px x 960(height)px
Default~iphone.png: 320(width)px x 480(height)px

Splash Screens sizes needed for iPhone X series:-

default@2x~iphone~anyany.png:  1334(width)px x 1334(height)px
default@2x~iphone~comany.png:  750(width)px x 1334(height)px
default@2x~iphone~comcom.png:  750(width)px x 750(height)px
default@3x~iphone~anyany.png:  2436(width)px x 2436(height)px
default@3x~iphone~anycom.png:  2436(width)px x1242(height)px
default@3x~iphone~comany.png:  1242(width)px x 2436(height)px
default@2x~ipad~anyany.png:  2732(width)px x 2732(height)px
default@2x~ipad~comany.png:  1278(width)px x 2732(height)px